Immigration to Canada- an overview

Planning for Canada immigration? Have a look at the visa options available for you.

Canadian immigration has seen a great revolution over the decades. For the same reason, Canada stands at the top numbers in the list of topnotch destinations preferred for overseas careers. While Canada has a lot in store for its migrants, here are a few reasons why it is called theimmigrant’s capital city:

  • Perfect destination to work and live
  • Well established and stark economy
  • Intensifying job market
  • Less tax inflation
  • Abundant employment opportunities (esp. in sectors of manufacturing, construction, natural resources, commerce, information technology and service sectors).
  • Health care and social benefits
  • Encourages multicultural society
  • Diverse range of easy and quick migration solutions

With the introduction to numerous Canada immigration solutions, migrating to Canada has become easy and hassle free. One such prominent, steadfast and hassle free Canada migration solution is the Canada Express Entry.

Canada Express Entry:

Canada Express Entry, launched in January 2015, is an electronic system proposed by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) to manage PR applications of skilled migrants under specific programs. The Canada Express Entry chooses applicants based on a ranking system, where scores are allotted taking into consideration certain eligibility factors.

An applicant planning to emigrate to Canada through the Canada Express Entry System can file for a processing under any of the following visa program:

The Federal Skilled Worker Program:

This visa program is for skilled professionals, willing to emigrate to Canada and contribute to its economic growth.

The Federal Skilled Trades Program:

This visa program is for qualified and skilled businessmen, determined to carry on business operations, and simultaneously claim for a permanent resident status in Canada.

Eligibility of an applicant is
determined taking into
account the following

Age–between 18-50

Qualification- Bachelor’s degree (minimum)

Language proficiency- pass an English language assessment test (IELTS)

Work experience: One year (minimum) experience in the occupation listed in NOC.

Adaptability: good ability to adapt to the life of Canada

The Canadian Experience Class:

This program is exclusively for foreign workers and international graduates who arecurrently living in Canada, and desire to become permanent residents of Canada. Their Canadian education and work experience are the vital factors for availing the Permanent Residency through Canada Express Entry.

Provincial Nominee Programs:

This program is for the immigrants who have been nominated by any province or territory of Canada for immigration. As each province has its own streams and criteria, it can target students, professionals, businessmen or skilled workers for nomination.

Immigration to Canada by the means of the Canada Express Entry system benefits you with a Permanent Residency status, but if you are planning to move to Canada for a short stay, sponsor any family member or migrate to provinces of Canada which do not facilitate Express Entry, the following migration solutions will help you:

Quebec Skilled Worker Visa:

Quebec isthe largest and one among the most preferred provinces of Canada for immigration. As Quebec has its own rules of immigration, the Quebec Skilled Worker visa is for skilled migrants planning for a career and living in Quebec.

Visit Visas:

Be it for a tour to Canada or a medical visit, the visit visa to Canada will aid migrants with a permit to stay in Canada for a specific period of time.

Study Visas: Canadian education is now easy at reach for students worldwide. This is because of the flexibility of student visas Canada has come up with. Students who wish to undertake any educational courses in Canada can migrate to Canada by the means of a student visa.

Business Visas:

A business visa is a short term visa for business reasons which include conferences, site inspection, explanatory visit, time bound projects in Canada, etc.

Work Visas:

This visa is basically a permit for an applicant to work in Canada on temporary basis or for a specific period of time.

Dependent Visas:

Dependent visa aids sponsorship benefits to Permanent Residents of Canada. By the means of this visa, a permanent resident of Canada can sponsor his dependent, which include spouse, children or parents for them to immigrate to Canada. A Super Visa is one of the quickest means of inviting family or dependents to Canada.



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