Immigration to Denmark- The Danish Green Card scheme

Immigration to Denmark- The Danish Green Card scheme

Denmark, a place ranked as the happiest county in the world holds abundant career prospects for youngsters striving for flourishing career. As per the researches, Denmark is a country with the highest mobility along with a high level of income equality and badges the top numbers among the list of countries with highest per capita income.

For all those planning for immigration to Denmark, the Danish Green Card scheme is the easy entry code. The Danish Green card is nothing but a visa usually issued for professionals with a doctoral or master’s degree in engineering, IT, academics and health science streams. The Danish Green card scheme, in much simple words is a pathway for people willing for immigration to Denmark, along with a residence permit.

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Features of the Denmark Green Card Scheme:

Immigration to Denmark is enhanced by the Danish green card scheme as the scheme facilitates the following features:

The eligibility for the Denmark Green Card:

In order to stand eligible for the immigration to Denmark process, it is mandatory for one to score 100 points under the points based test. A candidate is allotted points for the immigration to Denmark process based on the following aspects:

1. Age A person who plans for immigration to Denmark should not be a candidate under 18. If so, his application will feature zero points, causing a hindrance to his immigration process. The points for his age are evaluated taking into consideration the age when he submitted the application.

2. Educational qualifications For success in the process of immigration to Denmark, it is mandatory for a candidate to hold a degree, preferably equivalent to that of Denmark’s bachelors. If you have a degree from any of the top 400 listed universities of the world, there are chances of you gaining additional points. Not having the relevant educational qualification will not gain him sufficient process for immigration to Denmark.

3. Work Experience A candidate who is applying for immigration to Denmark must have a work experience, qualifying him in the respective job he is applying for. A candidate will be awarded with points based on his occupation. If he is a researcher in those sectors where Denmark is facing shortage, then he will be benefited with more points.

4. Language skills Immigration to Denmark is simply impossible if you are not good at writing or speaking English language. Equivalent to the English language, the candidate must also have Danish language assessment test passed in order to gain more points on the point based system.

a) To claim 40 points you need to get overall 6.5 bands in IELTS General Training module or TOEFL with minimum 72 points

b) To claim 20 points you need to get overall 5 to 6 bands in IELTS General Training module


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