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The 6 Essential Details about Certified Canadian Immigration Consultant List

Canada has many programs to invite immigrants to study, work, and settle. To understand which program suits your needs, you need expert advice. This is where Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants assist you.

1. Who is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant?

2. Why hire an RCIC to get a Canada PR visa?

3. Which is the best Canada immigration consultancy in India?

Kansas Overseas Consultancy has consultants who have excellent experience and knowledge in the Canadian immigration services.

All these significant achievements speak for our popularity as the best Canada immigration consultancy in India.

4. How can you know if a Canada immigration consultant is legitimate?

The flowing steps will make sure that Canada’s immigration consultancy is a legitimate one:

5. What are the major programs to migrate to Canada?

The major programs through which you can migrate to Canada come under Express Entry.

Express Entry has 4 programs with which you can move to Canada as a permanent resident:

  1. Federal Skilled Worker Program
  2. Federal Skilled Trades Program
  3. Canadian Experience Class
  4. Provincial Nominee Programs (some part of it)

6. What services can a Kansas immigration consultant provide?

The following are the services given by the Kansas immigration consultants:

a. Immigration to Canada strategy that matches your qualifications and needs:

b. Thoroughly educates you on all the possible visa types:

c. Kansas immigration consultants will take care of your paperwork:

d. Kansas immigration consultants will be in touch with the embassy and your employer for you:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who are the authorized immigration consultant and immigration representatives?

A: The Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) are the authorized representatives, who are trained in the fields of the immigration process and citizenship Canada and will have vast experience in the field. They are the immigration experts who can help aspirants to go to Canada with appropriate visas. They make the visa application process simpler and getting visa faster.

2. What is ICCRC?

A: The Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) is a regulatory body that helps and protects the people by supervising the citizenship, immigration and refugee consultants, and international student advisors. The government of Canada created this body. The consultants who operate outside Canada also come under the ICCRC regulation.

3. Who has the certified Canadian immigration consultant list?

A: You can find whether a consultant is certified or not at the ICCRC website. These consultants will follow every rule according to the immigration Canada CIC. They will be mentioned in the ICCRC membership list. You can search whether a consultant is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant or not by giving their details in the ICCRC website. The site tells you whether a particular consultant is a certified RCIC or not.

4. Would it be worth my money if I consult an RCIC to my immigration Canada?

A: With their considerable knowledge in dealing with so many immigration cases, the RCICs give your money worth’s service within a short period. The consultancies will help you to settle as a permanent resident and gradually as a Canadian citizen. As the process gets simplified, your money and time that you have to spend on various processes, again and again, will be saved too.

5. How can an immigration law firm help me to migrate to Canada?

A: If you have any legal issues that may create problems with your visa application, you can contact a good immigration law firm or law society to assist you for faster migration to Canada.

6. Will the consultancies help me to go to Canada on a Provincial Nominee Program?

A: PNPs are crucial pathways to go to Canada as permanent residents. Hence, yes, the RCICs help you to go to Canada through PNPs. They will also suggest which province to select if you lack in some points. For example, some provinces nominate you even if you lack points in English proficiency. The consultants will suggest to you regarding these choices if you lack points in English proficiency.

7. Will the consultancies help me to get post-secondary education?

A: Yes, there are international student advisors, who will assist you if you want to go to Canada as a student. These advisors suggest you the course and college that suit your qualifications and needs accurately. With their guidance, you can move to Canada on a student visa and continue your education there.

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