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Canada Federal Skilled Worker Visa

Canada Federal Skilled Worker Visa

The Citizenship and Immigration Canada, in January 2015, introduced a new selection system; the Canada Express Entry System. The Federal Skilled Worker Visa is one of the four visa application programs managed under the Canada Express Entry. The Federal Skilled Worker Visa basically aids skilled workers to come and work in Canada, contributing greatly to the growth of Canadian economy.

The Federal Skilled Worker Visa program has the following benefits:

What are the eligibility criteria for the Canada Federal Skilled Worker Visa?

As of the rule, in order to qualify for the Canada Federal Skilled Worker Visa, an applicant must first express their interest by creating an Express Entry profile. Prior to the immigration process, a point based test is conducted for determining the person’s eligibility for the visa. In order to avail the visa, it is mandatory for the applicant to score at least 67 points out of 100 points (as per the CIC selection factors).

The scores of the Point-based test are evaluated taking into consideration the following aspects:

When applying for immigration process under the Canada Federal Skilled Visa, age factor plays an important role. The applicant planning for the process should not be below 18 years or above 54. As per standard, applicants between 21-50 years are benefited with the maximum points; 10 points.

Also remember that the consideration of age is made at the very moment when the application is made. No sooner than CIC receives the application, the age of the applicant gets locked. This means that no matter how much time the entire process may take, points will be allotted with regards to the age the application was received by CIC.

Any applicant who wishes to immigrate to Canada by the means of the Canada Federal Skilled Worker Visa, it is mandatory for him to hold a secondary school certificate (equivalent to Canadian secondary).Additionally, a diploma or degree will fetch him with increased points. On a average, the applicant can score a minimum of 25 points, if he meets all the criterion.

Work experience:
In order to qualify with good marks, an applicant must have one year’s occupational experience within past 10 years. Equally, the occupation must be featured on the Canadian National Occupational Classification (NOC). If his occupation meets him all the demands, he can score maximum 21 points in this aspect.

Language skills:
While is mandatory to be proficient in the English language, applicant must also have a certification of an English language assessment test (approved by CIC). Taking into account, applicant’s overall ability to read, write and speak English, a maximum score of 10 points is allotted.

In addition, you will also be given scores if you have a job offer and a good ability to adapt to the life in Canada.

Note: The Canada Federal Skilled Worker Visa is now approved within 6-12 months rather than 3 years, unlike previously. In case the application is returned for any reason, a reimbursement is made by the High Commission.

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