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Immigration to Australia

Immigration to Australia - an overview

Australia, besides being a beautiful island continent, it is also a land with dazzling business opportunities. Immigrants often choose Australia as their dream destination as this country welcomes people from all round the globe with abundant job prospects, all by very easy means. Australia, in much simple words is now a multicultural society.

The General Skilled Migration Program is an online based program, which facilities immigration to Australia of skilled workers and business men. The applicant needs to go through a multi-stage process which is called as the Expression of Interest (EOI). Once the interest is filed, within a very short span of time the applicant receives an invitation to apply for the immigration to Australia visa. One most important thing to be considered is the applicant must have all the relevant documents before starting the online EOI.

Skilled Immigration Australia

Why Australia has become the apple of the eye? (Features)

Nevertheless, General Skilled Migration Program is one of those reason why immigrating to Australia has become so trouble-free. Initiated in July 2012, the General Skilled Migration Program is a permanent visa which revolves around the concept of Australia’s Immigration point based system. A subclass visa closely associated to the GSM is the General Skilled Independent Migrant visa. Some key features of the General Skilled Migration Independent Program are as follows:

Who is eligible to migrate to Australia under the Skilled Independent Visa Program?

Following are the basic criteria that are to be considered when one is planning for immigrate to Australiaunder the respective program:

  1. Age: Anyone planning for immigration to Australia should be between 18 to 45 years.
  2. Language and Skill assessment: Passing through an English language assessment test (e.g. IELT) with an average score of a component or vocational level is mandatory under the norms set by Australian government. Likewise, it is mandatory for an applicant to pass through a skill assessment test before applying for the respective visa. Likewise, by the means of partner skills, one can assert more points, provided that the applicant’s partner satisfies all the basic criteria.
  3. Overseas qualification and experience: Anyone willing to apply for immigration to Australia by the means of the Skilled Immigration Program is at a good advantage if he holds any overseas degree or work experience certifications. Both these criterion will help one gain beneficial points. If the applicant holds an Australian degree and Australian work experience, that is even more than just a benefit.
  4. Nominated occupation: The Skilled Occupation List (SOL) is the list of occupations which features all the acceptable opportunities for those planning for immigration to Australia. One must initially nominate an occupation on the SOL, which matches his qualifications, skills and overall work experience.
  5. Moral character and sound health: The applicant should hold a police clearance certificate from all the countries which he has lived in for more than a year. Collectively, he should also be healthy enough and hold certificates stating of his sound health in order to immigrate to Australia.

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