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Best Canada Immigration Consultants in Chennai

Best Canada Immigration Consultants in Chennai

Under the guidance of an immigration agent, you are closer to your dream goals. Yes, the role of a visa consultant can make a lot of difference to your application. Since they stand from the start to end of your process:

Kansas Overseas Careers - Chennai

No: 55, 1st & 2nd Floor, Visa Point Building,
Nelson Manickam Road, Aminjikarai,
Chennai-600030, Tamil Nadu.
Phone Number : +91 7680021743
Email Address :

Office Timings: 09:30AM to 06:30PM

Close days: Sundays and Public Holidays

What are the benefits of using an immigration consultant for immigration to Canada?

The advantages by opting to an immigration consultant include:

  • The immigration agents follow the updated rules of the IRCC; hence, there will be no chance of failure for your application.
  • You will have your application process started, only if you are qualified and have good chances to migrate and settle.
  • The agents will always make you aware of every document which is needed in each stage.
  • The process followed by them is very systematic and helps in preventing the delays in the application process.
  • Complete guidance will be provided from the start to end of your immigration.
  • There will be more chances of obtaining visa approvals faster with visa agents.
  • For any of your problem, the consultants can quickly contact the official bodies and get it cleared.

Which is the best Canada immigration consultant in Chennai?

The immigration agencies following the rules stated by the IRCC can aid you the right immigration path. Services from a non-registered consultancy can put your immigration efforts into vain.

The below-mentioned tips can help you to find the immigration consultancy.

  • Check if they are holding the services which are registered under the Immigration, Consultancy of Canada Regulatory Council (IRCC) or not.
  • Make sure that they are located in a proper area with services guided by professionals.
  • Go through the reviews stated by their clients. They need to have a good positive reputation for their services.
  • Check the knowledge of the immigration agents. The consultants should be able to provide you every latest update related to immigration.
  • Cross-check the services they provide for the clients. The statements provided for the services must be similar in their official website also.
  • Prefer choosing an experienced immigration consultancy.
  • Make sure with the documents and the process they follow with; it should be a transparent immigration service.

Why Choose Kansas Overseas Careers?

Kansas Overseas Careers has an excellent proven track record for assisting aspiring skilled workers and students in fulfilling their ambitions of immigration and visas to their desired countries.

Following are some reasons why you should choose Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants in Chennai like us over others:

  • We work with Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCIC) approved by ICCRC.
  • Our skilled team members are updated with knowledge of latest legislation, practices and internal procedure of ICCRC.
  • We are work with a licensed consultant which is govern by ICCRC and hence we strictly follow a code of professional ethics in our practices.
  • We are genuine, organized and sincere in our approach of processing the visa of our clients.
  • We are driven by the motive of the quality of application and success ratio.
  • We would serve as your point of contact with the immigration department.
  • We can assure you the highest chance of success.
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Canada PR Visa Success

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How Kansas offers you the best in class service?

At Kansas Overseas Careers, we promise a top-notch service quality of and have been proving ourselves for a decade.

A Team of Professional and Trained Experts:

We know that our clients trust us for our expertise and professionalism; so we are committed to serving them with the best in class service. Our teams of trained immigration counselors are always updated with the rules and regulations of immigration and visas policies of Canada.

Transparency Is Our Strength:

We maintain transparency in our services by providing our clients with the necessary information regarding the entire process. We also discuss the charges upfront which the client will have to incur for immigration and visa services to Canada.

We Believe Organized Works Are the Best

We follow strict organization in the visa process. First, we evaluate the eligibility of the client and then we apply on behalf of the applicant, along with their accreditation. The final application reaches the Embassy only after the authorized or associated agents review the application. This ensures the authenticity of the Canada PR visa process and keeps the application error-free to avoid the chances of rejection.

The Motto of providing unparalleled services drives us

We strive to maintain our reputation of best Canada immigration consultant in Chennai and we make every effort to provide exceptional services to our clients which have helped us to grow beyond our imagination.

Helping and Guiding Clients with Efficient Customer Service

We are always ready with efficient customer service to answer every query of our customers. We provide an end to end customer support until the completion of the visa process

How to obtain permanent residency in Canada from Chennai?

To get a residency in Canada permanently, the whole process is thus.

  • Get help from a reputed and verified immigration consultancy.
  • To test how your command on English is, prepare for IELTS.
  • See if your application meets all the minimum point requirements for migration. The minimum required point is 65.
  • Choose the program that you are right for and fill up its application process.
  • Verify the documentation that is necessary for the work experience and education.
  • Show the authentic forms of your experience in a job. If your employer signs on it, that is a form of authentication.
  • Prepare your financial proof, like funds. The Canadian government needs to know you if you can support yourself.
  • For medical proof, get a check-up done and keep that documentation ready.
  • Get the verification record from the police.
  • Start filling the VISA form for Canada's immigration, if approved.

You must choose the right option that suits your skills. There are many programs that foreign nationals find helpful in this matter.

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Other popular questions:

Why should I apply through an immigration consultant?

There isn't any specific rule which can stop you in processing your PR applications alone; but, there are few situations where most of the cases failed. The Immigration system of Canada is presently very active. It is making a lot of changes to its system for welcoming immigrants.

This is because of the aged labour force and lack of skilled professionals. The immigration governments of Canada have introduced a multi-year program with an aim to welcome more than one million skilled professionals from all over the world.

After the program's effect, there are a lot of changes to the immigration system.

Every program in Canada is making out the best in accepting professionals from all over the world.

It has now become essential to be updated with every detail. The guidelines which were followed before may not be the same for the next application. Therefore, we need to proceed with the application with expert knowledge. By consulting with an immigration agent, we can find the application process easier. The agents always make themselves updated with every detail. Also, with their expert experience, they will have many clues or tips to advance your application process.

At Kansas Overseas Careers, you can feel confident with the visa process. We follow according to every detail, as stated by the IRCC.

Why should a professional service be chosen to represent your case?

With the simplest process set, immigration to Canada has become convenient for most of the age groups. But since it is a pathway for your new career and beginning, it is crucial to be careful in each step.

  • An immigration agent can be the one who can help you in tracing out every hurdle. With guidance obtained, it is much easier and comfortable for you to proceed. You can confidently move ahead and hope for a positive response.
  • With constant support, you will be able to spend the money wisely and even save your time.
  • You will not have the risk of application rejection when you process your application under the guidance of experts.
  • The documentation section, which is considered as a time-taking, can be processed easier by consulting to an immigration agent.

If you follow the above-listed tips, you will be sure to find the best immigration consultant for Canada. With the help of the experienced visa agents, you will able to make your immigration pathway simpler to simplest.

How to know if the consultants are genuine or not?

You can know that the consultancy's immigration department is real through the following points

  • If a verified account appears on Google search, they are valid.
  • You should opt for a consultancy service that is registered. Check the IIRCC page for their name to verify.
  • Depend on referrals and other sources after checking their validity and credentials.
  • Do not go for freelance agents. It is better to focus on a consultancy firm instead.
  • There are some agencies and agents who would offer a guaranteed job. In reality, this is not possible unless a Canadian employer accepts your application. Thus, try to avoid such proposals.
  • The background check is very crucial when choosing the correct service. Thus, you should notice the feedback very carefully. Read the reviews of them too.

Perks of Immigrating to Canada

Canada is one of the best immigration destinations of the world where the new age skilled workers prefer to come every year. There are many benefits of becoming a permanent residence of Canada like you will have the right to live, study and work in Canada.

These perks will be there as long as you continue to be the permanent resident of Canada and till you gain the eligibility for Canadian citizenship.

If you wish to become a Canadian citizen, you will be eligible to attain the status only after living in Canada for three years.

No matter from which country you belong to, you will have all the rights of a Canadian citizen and these rights are protected under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

As a permanent Canadian Citizen, you will be entitled to enjoy the following benefits

  • Right to live and work in Canada.
  • Free education for kids.
  • Apply for a Canadian passport.
  • You will be eligible to vote.

Getting an education in Canada is also another way of attaining permanent resident status in the country. Every year about 100,000 students migrate to Canada for studying. Pursuing higher overseas education in Canada is not only affordable and but it also provides abundant opportunities for a part-time job and this is the main reason for many students choosing Canada as an immigration destination.

Kansas Overseas as a Professional Canada Immigration Consultant in Chennai

Kansas Overseas has an excellent proven track record for assisting aspiring skilled workers and students in fulfilling their ambitions of immigration and visas to their desired countries.

  • Canada is known as an immigrant-friendly country which revises its immigration policies frequently, whenever there is a crisis or requirement of a new skill in their workforce market.
  • Owing to the high-quality and booming employment opportunities in the country, the immigration quotas issued by the Canadian Embassy are filled up quickly.

So if you are aspiring for a Canadian PR Visa it is very important for you to be prepared with all the necessary documents and complete all the formalities even before the opening dates of accepting applications. We offer a free assistance service to our customers to identify their eligibility and also prepare them for Canada immigration. Our services in Chennai will be very useful in completing your immigration process in proper time without any delays.

There are plenty of benefits for an application by opting to immigration agents. Though there are ways to process alone, processing an application with an immigration consultant beside can be a more effective practice.

Kansas Overseas Careers is one of the best Canada immigration consultants in Chennai who provide you an error-free and risk-free Permanent Residency Visa assistance for migrating to Canada.

Reputed for providing consistent quality, performance, service, and assistance, we provide on-time service and on with consistent communication without fail.

Many visa consultants claim to be the best Canada immigration consultants in Chennai, but which one is the best is a common concern among many immigrant aspirants.

We provide a wide array of services by which our clients can apply for Canadian Immigration under the following primary categories:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Visa
  • Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)
  • Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP)

What are the 6 selection factors of Canada immigration?

In the year 2015, Canada Immigration Government has introduced an electronic process called Express Entry. It is a point-based system and as well a fast-track system for Canada immigration. Interested candidates have to a score a minimum of 67 points under the points-grid for eligibility. The points obtained on this grid are commonly known as the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) Score.

The qualified profiles are then allowed to lodge their application with Express Entry. The profiles as the next step enter into the Express Entry Pool based on their score and wait for obtaining an ITA or Invitation to Apply. Once they obtain an ITA, they can proceed further for the PR application by submitting the needful documents and wait for the visa grant.

For the complete immigration process, the CRS points have important role-playing. Hence, it is much essential to know about the factors affecting the Points system.

There are six selection factors which affect the points grid, they are:

  • Age: For this selection factor, the skilled professionals under the ages of 18-35 can score the maximum points.
  • Education: Your education levels are needed to be assessed by the World Education Service. Your education level has to meet Canadian standards. Based on this, you will be receiving the maximum points for your highest degree.
  • Language Proficiency: The immigration system of Canada accepts English and French. You need to prove at least proficiency in either of the languages. For the English, you need to show at least CLB 7 for eligibility.
  • Work Experience: The minimum experience required for Canada is a minimum of one year. However, you need to have your work experience related to your National Occupational Classification (NOC).
  • Arranged Employment: If you have arranged employment from a Canadian employer, then that can help you earn more points.
  • Adaptability: If you have your spouse or living in Canada, then that can help you in receiving an additional 10 points.

The higher score you have, the higher chances to receive an Invitation to Apply through the Express Entry draws. The Express Entry draws are conducted by the IRCC with a time gap of 15 days. Any candidate meeting the pre-defined CRS score set by the IRCC is eligible to receive an ITA for Canada PR.

Are you interested to check your chances? Contact to our top immigration agents in Chennai and they will be soon in touch to help you with every needful detail.

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