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Canadian Experience Class

Canada Experience Class

Canada Experience Class (CEC) visa is required for the Canadian temporary foreign workers looking forward to become Permanent Residents (PR). The skilled workers can obtain the Canada PR by establishing their important network in their career and communities. The applications are processed through the Express Entry program to Canada. It is recommended to take the assistance of Top immigration agents to make their visa process successful.


The applicants must meet the following requirements.

Capital Limits & Exemptions

The maximum of 8000 applications is accepted for assessment under Canadian Experience Class visa. A list called NOC Canada features all occupations that are accepted to apply under this program. For this program, NOC B level occupations which are 200 in number are accepted.

The work experience in the following categories is not considered as the work experience under Canadian Experience Class:

The applicants can either reside in Canada or stay away during their application process. The people who are no longer living in Canada are required to submit their application within two years of leaving their job in Canada.

The Canadian Experience Class requirement is entirely dependent on ‘pass or fail’ model. The applicant will become eligible to apply for the program by meeting the minimum requirements. This model is applicable to the Express Entry immigration selection system is non-operational. Once the express entry comes in, the model has no meaning.

Option for International Students

The international graduates get the simple and quickest way to achieve Canada Permanent Residence. The graduates can remain in the country on post-graduate permits after completing the program at any Canadian Educational Institute.

In this tenure, if the graduate is able to get at least 1 year of work in professional, skilled or any technical course, they get the eligibility to give application under the Canadian Experience Class. If you consider the Canadian Experience Class as a foreign worker, there are other options of immigration through PNP (Provincial Nomination Programs).

If you meet all the requirements under this visa and wish to Immigrate Canada then contact our Canada Immigration consultants and start your visa processing.

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