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Nova Scotia Immigration | Nova Scotia PNP

Nova Scotia is a peninsula along with a group of 3000 small islands. The capital city is Halifax and it is the city of culture and arts. The place is famous for its high-standard living and is connected to the sea. Nova Scotia is located close to the sea and the province has its coastal beauty with sumptuous cuisine.

The Nova Scotia PNP is meant for the skilled and experienced people who wish to attain Canadian citizenship and get immigrated to the beautiful land of Nova Scotia. This program is meant for the prospective immigrants to attain Canada Permanent Residency.

Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program has the following immigration streams to apply for Canada Immigration:

1) Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry

Nova Scotia makes the use of Express Entry Immigration Selection system to select the candidates for Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry. This stream was initiated on 1 January 2015 and includes 29 eligible occupations for the stream. The eligibility criteria include the highly-skilled individuals with high-class education or post-secondary stream education to settle successfully in Nova Scotia.

2) Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry

Nova Scotia makes use of the Express Entry immigration system floated by the Canadian government to select the applicants from this stream. It is a pathway to PR for the highly skilled applicants who’ve had an experience of working in Nova Scotia for a period of at least one year. It is basically meant for the International students in Canadian Colleges.

3) Skilled Worker Stream

Nova Scotia Nominee Program accepts the applications from the people who’ve received a job offer from an employer based in Nova Scotia. The workers in low-skilled, semi-skilled and fully skilled occupations are eligible to apply for this skilled worker visa. The candidate must possess the required documents for revealing their job offer as the basis for enrolling for immigration.

4) Entrepreneur Stream

NSNP offers Entrepreneur Stream to attract the individuals looking to begin or acquire a business for permanent settlement in Nova Scotia. The process time for this visa depends on the stream of business and it usually fetches Canadian PR in the least time span.

5) International Graduate Entrepreneur Stream

This stream in NSNP is open to the graduates who’ve attained at least 2 years of full-time study from a recognized university in Nova Scotia or any community college in the state. It is also applicable for the people who’ve operated their own business in Nova Scotia for at least 1 year and plan to settle permanently in the state. It is majorly for the people who wish to continue their career in Nova Scotia.

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