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Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP)

Ontario is the popular destination for the people in the world, who wish to immigrate to Canada. It is a popular province with the population of 40% of Canadians. The largest city is Toronto and the capital is Ottawa. It is the center of the social, political and economic life of Canada and foreigners look forward to settling in Ontario to make a bright future.

Ontario Provincial Nominee Program is termed as OINP (Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program). This is the program for the skilled and experienced people from all over the world. The foreign nationals, employees, International Students, Investors, and Entrepreneurs look forward to attaining Canadian Permanent Residence to become a part of Ontario.

This program allows the prospective immigrants to become a part of the state by receiving Ontario Provincial Nomination Certificate. It makes the Canadian PR process time faster than the other nations in the Canadian Immigration Class.

The following are the categories for OINP applications:


• Ontario Express Entry: Human Capital Priorities Stream

This stream enables OINP for getting federal Express Entry pool by having the required documents, education, skilled experience, language ability, and other characteristics to successfully establish the labor market and communities in Ontario.

• Ontario Express Entry: French-Speaking Skilled Worker Stream

The Ontario French-Speaking Skilled worker streams are for the skilled workers having strong command on French and English language and wish to become a part of Ontario. The candidate applying in this category needs the possession of the required work experience, language abilities, academics and other characteristics to establish into the community and market of Ontario State.

• Ontario Express Entry Skilled Trades Stream

This stream targets the tradespersons with recent or on-going experience of working in Ontario, as it helps to increase the economy of the country.


The employers in Ontario are able to recruit foreign-based workers for the government listed skills and positions. These are classified in the list floated by the Government of Canada as Skill Level A or Level B/ NOC Skill Type 0. The employees may be living in Canada or outside at the time of application. Ontario has also launched an Employer Job Offer In-Demand Skills stream having a major focus on the agriculture and construction occupations to promote the state in these categories.


This category is for the students from the foreign nations. The International Students Category accepts the applications in the following three streams:

• International Student with a Job Offer Stream

This stream is meant for the employers to recruit the international students. It is open for the students with job offers given by the Ontario employers.

• International Masters Graduate Stream

This stream is meant for the candidates who’ve graduated with a Master’s degree from a publicly funded university in Ontario.

• International Ph.D. Graduate Stream

This stream targets the people who’ve attained graduation in Ph.D. program from any of the publicly funded university in Ontario. It doesn’t require a job offer.


• Entrepreneur Stream

This stream is designed for attracting new business initiatives in Ontario or purchase an existing running business in the state. The applicants attain a temporary work permit support letter to establish their business in Ontario. The investment and job agreements are meant for the entrepreneurs who have the opportunity to be nominated for Canadian PR. It is an initiative from the government to increase revenues in the state and successfully handle new businesses.

• Corporate Stream

This stream aims at supporting the international collaborations looking forward to invest in Ontario or purchases the existing businesses. The key staff can also apply for provincial nomination certificate after establishing the business on the whole. It can help in getting Canadian PR.

• Investors Stream

This stream is permanently discontinued.

It is anticipated that Canada will welcome more immigrants through OINP. It focuses on giving the best approach designed for getting Canadian PR and become a permanent citizen.

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