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Quebec Immigration

Quebec Skilled Worker Visa Program

Quebec is today’s most preferred destinations of Canada. With the highest jobs recorded in the province, it is also a promising place for immigrants to dwell in the country. Though it has a strong immigration history, it does not inline itself with Canada’s immigration system. Instead, if follows its own immigration rules.

Until 2018, Quebec immigration followed a first-come-first-serve application intake model. This system had several loopholes, the major one being injustice towards skilled applicants. People who submitted their applications first were given a chance rather than focussing on skills and experience the person holds. This was justifiably wrong for candidates with best skills and experience for the Quebec economy. Quebec then revised its immigration pattern and started the expression of interest model as a replacement to the Mon Projet based application.

Quebec Skilled Worker Visa Program 2018

Under the new regulations of Quebec immigration 2018, the province aims to invite thousands of skilled workers for permanent residency at a faster pace through its prominent PR program- the Quebec Skilled Worker Visa Program. This visa is for skilled professionals with experience and traits needed most but the Quebec employers to bring a right economic balance. Initially, this visa was processed in nearly 36 months. With the new Quebec Expression of Interest (Declaration of Interest system) in effect from August 2018, this visa can be obtained within 12 months. Applications are selected from a pool of applications (similar to the Express Entry) based upon Quebec immigration points and the applicants ability to show Quebec immigration funds. Draws will be conducted by Ministry of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion for selection of the applications, and after selection, they will be issued with an invitation to apply for a Quebec Skilled Certificate. Upon the successful receipt of the CSQ and associated formalities, the selected applicant can apply for a Canadian permanent residency to federal government.

Benefits of New Quebec Immigration System

  • Decreased processing time- from 36 months to 12 months
  • Justified selection system for skilled workers
  • Open always- no specific intake periods to submit application

Eligibility criteria to apply for a Quebec Skilled Worker Visa Program
The basic eligibility criterion to apply for a Quebec Skilled visa is:

  • To be older than 18 years
  • Have a secondary school general diploma as the minimum qualification
  • Ability to show self-sufficiency (funds up to 2 lakh per person)
  • Proven English language skills through IELTS
  • Represent a profound area of training/work experience
  • Ability to score 50-59 points (depending upon marital status) for all factors

Factors & Points Allotment
Like the Express Entry System of Canada, Quebec immigration also follows a points based approach in selection of eligible candidates. Factors like education, financial sufficiency, age, language proficiency, area of training, work experience etc. play a crucial role in determining one’s eligibility for the Quebec skilled worker visa.

Below is a table what details out the factors counted for points during each stage and the allotment of highest points against each factor.



Maximum Points

Age No limit (highest points for applicants in the age range of 18- 35 years) 14 points
Education Secondary school general diploma (equivalent to Intermediate education is considered). Applicants need to show 2 points at least under this factor to file their Expression of Interest. 14 points

Financial Self Sufficiency

Proving financial stability is mandatory before filing the application. Candidates need to show min. 2-3 lakh funds and sign a contract of financial stability before lodging the EOI. For this factor, 1 point is allotted.

1 points

Work Experience Applicants with at least 1 year experience are at benefit. This experience must not be older than 5 years. Both paid and unpaid employment will be counted. 8 points
Area of training The area of training is the field of study written on your diploma, much commonly referred as the stream of study. 12 points
Language Proficiency Proven efficiency in French/English language is required to meet Stage 2 points threshold. The better the IELTS/French test result, the more points can be claimed. 22 points
If French: 16 points
If English: 6 points
Validated Employment offer(job offer which has been validated by Human Resources & Skills Development Canada in Quebec) If you have an employment offer from an employer outside the metropolitan region of Quebec you can claim more points. 10 points
Quebec Connections (proven Stay/family in Quebec) Depending upon your kinship in Quebec and/or your purpose of previous stay in Quebec, you can claim points for both the factors 8 points
Spouse’s characteristics Factors like age, level of education, area of training, language proficiency, job offer or eligible spouse can be incorporated in application and points can be claimed for applicable factors 17 points
Accompanying children Children under 13 are eligible to accompany and points can be claimed for same 8 points

Process of Quebec Skilled Worker Visa Program

Initially, you are required to go through an Initial Evaluation which helps you determine your eligibility and know your points reach. If you are a single applicant, you need overall 50 points to qualify throughout the process. If you have a spouse or a common law partner accompanying your immigration, you need to score 59 points for your factors and eligible factors of your spouse.

The Quebec Skilled Worker Visa Program works through a declaration of Interest system. You, as an applicant are required to create a profile in the form of Expression of Interest which then lands into a bank of applications. Each stage has specific prerequisites that are to be met. Also, during each stage a specific points threshold is to be covered before your application can be taken ahead. Below is an overview of the Quebec skilled visa process under the new Quebec Skilled Worker Program.

Stage 1: Expression of Interest Lodgement
An Expression of Interest (online profile) is created with MIDI. All details related to family, work and background are to be added in the profile. Before this, proving funds and Quebec immigration points is important.

Stage 2: Receive Quebec Skilled Certificate
Draws will be conducted and based on points and several (undisclosed) parameters applications are picked up from the Bank of Expression of Interest. Selected applicants will receive an invitation to apply for a Quebec Skilled Certificate (CSQ).

Stage 3: Apply for PR to Federal Government Canada
After ITA formalities are to be completed followed by a CSQ application. On the receipt of the Quebec Skilled Certificate, you have to apply for a PR visa to the Federal Government.

Quebec Immigration Visa Fee & Funds (According to 2019)

During the process of Quebec skilled worker visa, a Government fee is applicable to you, which you must pay according to the number of members accompanying your immigration.

  • Primary applicant - CAD $798
  • Spouse or common-law partner - C$171
  • Each Dependent children - C$171

Funds maintenance: Below are funds to be shown in order to prove financial self-sufficiency and claim 1 point. This fee increases with increase in the number of accompanying children. Approximately 2-3 lakh funds are to be shown by primary applicant.

  • 1 adult - $3,135 (CAD)
  • 2 adults - $4,597 (CAD)
  • 2 adults & 2 children (<18 years of age) - $5,558 (CAD)

Note: The fund maintenance is subjected to change by Ministère de l'Immigration, de la Diversité et de l'Inclusion (MIDI) depending upon the increasing living costs in the province.

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