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Canada Immigration: A need to overcome Canada’s labour shortage

Canada Immigration A need to overcome Canada’s labour shortage

Canada Immigration has reframed its Multi-year program by welcoming 1.3 million skilled workers as Canadian Permanent Residents. Wondering with the changes and its needs for labour force? Then, consider the below article to find out the concerns and the steps taken by the Canada government to overcome its labour shortage. Canada is one of the […]

Canada Immigration Myths on re-application of Permanent Residency

permanent residency

Many people feel that they cannot apply for the Canada permanent residency once their resident status has elapsed. But this is absolutely untrue. You can apply for the PR status of Canada even when your temporary resident status has expired. Understanding the meaning of status: Status means that you can legally reside in Canada. You […]

FSW Canada Visa has become the best alternative for H-1B US visa

FSW Canada Visa

With the increasing complexities and procedures associated with the H1-B visa, most immigrants are looking into better and faster alternatives. This coupled with the latest governments plans to regulate the number of visas has led many to look up to the Federal skilled worker’s program of Canada as a good alternative. The countries are much […]

How to Migrate to Canada from India?

Migrate to Canada from India

Canada remains one of the favourite destinations for Indians who want to migrate and settle down in a foreign country. The reasons for which people would like to migrate there can vary from person to person. Some people want better jobs and careers. There are some who want to pursue higher studies and for some […]