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Am I eligible for Express Entry?

To be eligible for Canada Express Entry, the basic criterion is to score 67 points in Canada’s points based immigration selection system. These points are allotted for parameters like age, education, work experience, English Language skills, adaptability factors etc. The minimum requirement of each factor to qualify for a PR visa through Canada Express Entry system is as follows:

The best way to know whether you are eligible for Express Entry is to have your points assessed. Our Evaluation Service, conducted in assistance of best Experts can help you know your points and your genuine chances for the PR visa.

What if I am not Eligible for Express Entry?

If you are currently not eligible for Express Entry program, there are several areas you can improve to boost your score and become eligible to apply.

We have the finest immigration consultants of India to help you with details all about Express Entry and its eligibility criteria. Whether you have got your Evaluation done or not, we are here to help you. Register for a counseling and get complete details through a free call.

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