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Biometrics Requirement of Canada- Guidance and Tips

Biometrics Requirement of Canada- Guidance and Tips-min

Those people who are coming to Canada now need to fulfil the biometrics requirements. Now, this can result in delays. This is a cause of concern for those who want to come to Canada for business or have enrolled for an educational course or tourists. There is also one more concern, these details are shared […]

Worried about Canada immigration? We can help!

Canada is one country where a skilled professional has a promising future. If you are keen on moving to Canada then there are a number of formalities that you need to complete. You need to select the correct visa category and then complete the required formalities depending on the choice of category. In order to […]

Future of Canada without immigration would be dull- experts say

Canada requires more immigrants. Try your chances!

If you want to know the effect of  Canadian immigration on country then you must go through the report of Conference Board of Canada. As per reports by the year 2034 the number of deaths will be much higher as compared to the number of births. So it will be the immigrants who will be […]

Visit Canada on a temporary resident visa

Planning to visit Canada for a short period? You can do so only if you have a temporary visa. Whether you are tourist or temporary workers who are coming on work permit or need to visit Canada for business you will have to apply for a visa. However there are some countries that are exempt […]