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A Few Tips and Tricks in Applying for Quebec Skilled Worker Visa

Quebec skilled worker visa

If you want to settle down in Quebec with your family, then you need to read till the end. There is a possibility that if you are applying for the Quebec skilled worker visa, then you need to apply alone. Yes, you read it right! You cannot include your spouse or your family in this […]

Quebec Immigration- all you need to know

Quebec Immigration

Skilled workers can immigrate to the Quebec province of Canada through the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) / Quebec Immigration. The applicants are evaluated on the basis of a point system. This point system is based on a number of factors. Those applicants who get the required number of points are given the Quebec Selection […]

Are students allowed to change between Universities/Programs on Canada study visa?

Canada study visa

Canada has some very good universities like McGill University, University of British Columbia etc. There are some really very good courses and programs that one can opt-in these universities. There are many factors due to which students prefer to move to Canada. Factors those are good for students: Those who want to study in Canada […]

Canada offers new immigration levels for the desired aspirants in the coming 2018

This New Year is going to be an advantage for the aspirants who are ambitious to move to Canada. Keeping in mind the Canadian Immigration drafted better and ambitious plans of Immigration for the coming year. Keeping in mind about the thriving immigrants, the Canadian government has made a bigger plan. The plan was all […]