Want To Know About The Key Benefits Of Canada Immigration And How To Apply For A Canada PR Visa?

Canada is considered one of the top most immigration destinations welcoming about 250,000 new immigrants to the country every year. Since Canada is well-known for its strong economy and open-minded immigration system, most of the immigrants wish to settle in the country for a better future. Hence, if you wish to apply for a Canada PR visa, understand the different PR visa categories available in Canada immigration and choose the best immigration program that is relevant to your profile. However, most of these programs require you to qualify a point-based immigration test. The selection of your PR visa needs a qualifying score to be attained considering your age, education, linguistic expertise, and work experience factors.

 Let’s understand the benefits of Canada immigration.

As a PR visa holder, you and your family and other dependents can enjoy all the key benefits that a Canadian citizen does. You have the privilege to:

  • Enjoy the social benefits like health care coverage
  • Can live, work and study anywhere in the country
  • Eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship
  • Receive protection from Canadian law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Now let’s have a look at different Canada PR visa categories.

  1. The Skilled Worker Visa Category is one of the prominent visa programs planned for individuals who possess high-level skills and work experience.
  2. The Canadian Business Immigration program is particularly intended to attract talented businessmen to come to Canada.
  3. The Provincial Nominee Program assists the companies in Quebec and remaining provinces to satisfy their business needs by hiring talented foreign skilled immigrants.

In addition to the above, there are Family Immigration Programs in Canada wherein about 40% of the Canada immigration happens through the family reunion and refugee programs only.

If you an experienced worker and your profile matches with the Canada PR visa requirements, get in touch with the prominent Canada immigration consultants.

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