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How Do Provincial Nominee Programs Welcome Immigrants To Apply For Canada PR?

Over the few years, Canada has been consistently inviting immigrants to stay, work and live permanently in the country. It introduced various Provincial Nominee Programs and came up with new objectives and goals encouraging potential immigrants to apply for Canada PR. Ontario is considered one of the prominent tech hubs in Canada attracting plenty of […]

What are the top programs under PNP to migrate to Canada in 2019?

Top Provincial Nominee Program Canada in 2019

Are you planning to migrate to Canada through Provincial Nominee Programs? Provincial Nominee Programs are one of the popular pathways chosen for Canada Permanent Residency. You can obtain an additional 600 points towards your CRS score by receiving a nomination through any of the provincial nominee programs. Hence, if you are aiming to get started […]

Find The Top Provincial Nominee Programs for Easy PR Process

Find The Top Provincial Nominee Programs For Your Easy PR Process

Provincial Nominee Programs are one of the economic immigration programs of the Express Entry System. Provincial Nominee Programs or the PNPs have been a great asset to avail a permanent residency status. Also, it is a good option to candidates with low Comprehensive Ranking System score. Provincial Nominee Program have multiple provincial programs involved. The […]

Different Pathways for Canada Immigration

Different Pathways for Canada Immigration

Canada Immigration rules are prone to change, hence people who dream to immigrate to other nations must make their moves when immigration rules are favorable to them. Two nations, Australia and Canada still require skilled immigrants to meet their shortage of labor. Below you can find different pathways for Canada Immigration The Canadian immigration has […]