Describe The Myths In Canada Immigration Process When You Plan For Canada PR

Managing Canada immigration process can be devastating as the rules, values and strategies make a disordered procedure when you plan for Canada PR. There are few myths in Canada immigration process, which are not accurate.

Misconsception 1: Eternal Permanent Residency

You may believe that your permanent residency in Canada would be permanent once you receive the PR card in your Canada immigration process to apply for Canada PR. But your status as a permanent resident may become tested if the government of Canada believes that you have not met your duties to preserve your Canada PR successfully. Also, Canadian citizenship is another procedure over which your permanent residency can be misplaced.

Misconsception 2: Spend As Much As Time You Wish In A Foreign Country As A Permanent Resident

Plenty of immigrants wish to spend outside Canada either for business, travel or delight. Canadian government does not restrict your entry and exit; however, you need to ensure to spend time within Canadian borders preserving your obligations. Your status as a permanent resident may be lost if you spend more than two out of five years. In turn, it may create your Canada PR status intricate.

Misconception 3: Even A Small Lie On Your Application Will Not Retort To Hangout You

The data or information that you provide in your PR should be true and accurate. If you provide any false or fake information without your knowledge, it may lead to lose of your right to live and work within Canada borders.

Misconception 4: You Are No Longer A Permanent Resident If You Lose Your PR Card

You may not believe that your status as permanent resident can be revoked if you lose your PR card accidentally. You must contact your local government immigration office to arrange a replacement as it reflects your citizenship.

Misconception 5: You Must Be Married For PR

You should not believe  that you need to be married for attaining permanent residency. However, the Canadian government does not consider marriage as an obligation to obtain Canada PR.

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