Future of Canada without immigration would be dull- experts say

If you want to know the effect of  Canadian immigration on country then you must go through the report of Conference Board of Canada. As per reports by the year 2034 the number of deaths will be much higher as compared to the number of births. So it will be the immigrants who will be a major part of the population of the country. If there is no immigration then there will be a down slide in the economy of the country.

The age of the population will also be a thing of concern. If there is no immigration then by the year 2040 the age of more than 25% of the population will be more than 65 years. This again will affect the economy. If there is older population then it will have a negative impact on the productivity of the companies. There will obviously be more pressure on health care services.  Naturally the government of Canada wants more number of foreigners to migrate to Canada.

In the past five years the Canadian economy has grown steadily. But aging population and low birth rates will naturally have an impact on the growth and development of the country. This clearly indicates that more number of people from other countries have to migrate to Canada.

Here is how immigration can help Canada:

Skilled professionals can find plenty of opportunities in Canada. They will also contribute in the growth of the economy. But from Canada’s point view it will be better if people with families migrate to this country. Because there will be more chances that this people will settle down in Canada for good. They will buy houses and will form an emotional bonding with the country.

According to the conference board of Canada steps need to be taken to increase the wages of the new immigrants. There need to be multiyear plan to improve the income of these immigrants which in turn will help in retaining these people in Canada for lifetime. The increase in wages is needed both for economic growth of the country and also on humanitarian grounds.

There is lots of scope for immigrants in Canada:

From the reports it is clear that Canada needs more number of immigrants. So naturally they will try their level best to attract more number of skilled people to Canada. This is a safe and immigrant friendly country with good law and order situation. So, those skilled professionals who have been thinking of settling down in a country which will offer good quality life to them and their families must opt for Canada. The education system of the country is good and you will find people from different cultures and countries living here in complete harmony.

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Immigration is a must for the economic development of the country. Skilled professionals must take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to migrate to one of the best countries in the world.

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