How a provincial nomination can reduce Canada PR visa process time?

One of the major concerns that any applicant who is applying for Canadian PR Visa has is about the time taken to process the visa. Most of the applicants would like to get their visa at the earliest. Processing time is the time taken by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to process the application. You have to count the number of days between receipt of the application and the decision that the IRCC takes. You cannot take into account the days taken to submit the application or the time taken to submit the expression of interest or receive the invitation to apply etc.

Factors that affect the processing time:

Home country:

Your country of residence will have a major impact on the time taken for the visa to get processed. These days the application is processed in an office which process the application at the earliest if all the requirements have been fulfilled by the applicant.

Visa category:

The visa category that the applicant selects also plays a decisive role. If a particular visa category is having more number of applications then naturally time taken to process the application will be more.

Complete and correct application:

Completeness and correctness of the application will also have a major impact on the time.

Processing time for different immigration programmes:

  • Most of the applicants who apply for Canada PR through Express entry system will find that normally the average time taken is 6 months from receipt of application.
  • Study permits can take anywhere between 4 weeks to 20 weeks.
  • Post-graduation work permit comes under the extension category. Online applications can taken anywhere around 50 days. Paper-based applications can take 105 days.
  • Sponsoring a spouse for PR can take up to one year
  • Renewing your PR card can take up to 71 days.

Here is how you can reduce the time in express entry system:

The express entry system is a point based system. One needs to submit the application in the Canada Express Entry pool system. The candidate is given points based on the different factors like age, work experience, education, skills, language proficiency etc. The candidate must try and get more points in the comprehensive ranking system (CRS). More number of CRS points will ensure that you will get better ranking which will make it easier for you to get included in the express entry draw. One must also try to get provincial Nomination. Every province has its own specific provincial nominee programme which is based on the provinces labor market requirement. If the candidate manages to get the provincial nomination then he can get an additional 600 points which will ascertain that he will get the invitation to apply.

Once the candidate gets an invitation to apply that is ITA he must make sure that he submits the application along with all the required documents at the earliest. This will help in processing the visa application faster. Quebec and Saskatchewan are some of the provinces where it is relatively easy to migrate. The chances of getting the nomination from these provinces are easier. If you want to get all the information about immigration to Canada through the different programmes then you must consult good immigration agents. Reputed immigration consultants will have all the knowledge about immigration to Canada.

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