What is it like studying and living in Canada

Hey there! I am Swara Srivastava today well settled with a PR visa in Canada. My journey to immigrate to Canada started with a student visa. I always wanted to pursue my higher education in a foreign country and settle down there for good. I had a few options in mind and Canada was one of them. I was confused and that is the reason that I decided to contact Kansas Overseas Careers.

Why I chose Canada?

When I spoke to the experts at Kansas Overseas Careers I got to know that I can enjoy good quality life in Canada. There are also several advantages of studying in Canada. The campus is a safe place for students from foreign countries. The education system is really good and of global standards. There are a number of good courses and the best thing was that in future I could apply for the permanent visa for Canada.

Now this is how I started!

There were lots of preparations to be done and many formalities that were to be completed. I had Kansas Overseas Careers by my side so there was nothing to worry. Since I wanted to apply for college education and a course that would last for more than two years  I had to apply for the same to a designated learning institute one year in advance. Once I got the selection letter I had to complete the other formalities like medical certificate, character certificate, passport and other documents. These things are mandatory for applying for Canada student visa.

My immigration experts helped me with all these formalities and I got the study permit and moved to Canada to complete the course. But I did not want to stop at that. I wanted to settle down permanently in this wonderful country. Kansas experts told me to apply for the Provincial Nomination Program. Canadian employers are keen to employ foreign students who have completed post graduation courses from Canadian campus. I was lucky enough to get a job offer from a Canadian employer. It was a golden opportunity that was knocking at my doorstep. I wasted no time and I grabbed it. This helped me get the permanent residency visa really fast. Today I am well settled in Canada with a good job.

There are other options where one can Study in Canada on a student permit and then ultimately become a permanent resident. One can opt for Canadian experience class or for Quebec experience class. Of course there are set of formalities that need to be fulfilled. For getting an idea about the formalities you will have to talk to Kansas Overseas careers.

To make your journey smooth you will need help of visa and immigration experts:

If anyone will ask me that is it worth studying and settling down in Canada? Then my answer is in the affirmative. But for good things you need to put in hard work and effort. You will also need proper guidance. For guidance you need to connect with top visa consultants.

I will always recommend Kansas Overseas Careers. They played a very important role in my immigration to Canada. Their immigration experts are very co operative and polite. They explain all the details in simple words. They will support you and guide you throughout your immigration journey.

If you are interested to start your visa process then walk-in to one of our branches or call @ 04040307077 or mail us @ info@kansaz.com

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