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Need Of French Proficiency In Getting Canada PR When You Immigrate To Canada?

Need Of French Proficiency In Getting Canada PR When You Immigrate To Canada

Canada is topmost country that most of the immigrants choose to settle permanently. The IRCC invites the applicants whose CRS score is higher to apply for Canada PR. Currently, the CRS score requirement stood at around 450 and above points. Hence, if your score is less, then your application will be kept awaited until the […]

Indians must immigrate to Canada in 2018- Top 3 Reasons

Reasons for Indians to immigrate to Canada in 2018

Those Indians who have been thinking to immigrate to Canada this is the best time. Yes 2018 is the best time for Indians to apply and move to the maple leaf country. This is because Indians are in huge demand in this country. Here are the top 3 reasons due to which Indians must apply […]

Kansas Consultation & Evaluation- What it includes

Kansas consultation and evaluation

There are a large number of aspirants who have an eye on the permanent resident visa of Canada. The number of benefits that one enjoys are simply too good. So, naturally Canada is one of the most sought after destinations. But the process to get the permanent resident visa to Canada is not that easy. […]

How to get a Canada Work Permit from India?

Are you looking forward to work in Canada? Then one of the best options is the Canada work permit visa. One of the most important requirements to apply for this visa is to have an offer letter from a company which is recognized by the Labour Market Impact assessment. With this visa, you can work […]